Fountain saved my life. Before coming here I was at my lowest low. They have taught me the tools I need to stay Sober.

Billy C.

To be completely honest the overall program that Fountain uses is very well managed and is very effective. They customized a program for myself and the things I need to work on. And I believe that’s what also made my recovery so much easier. The small groups they provide is, in my opinion, what makes it a great program!

Mike S.

The personal attention I received from Renita was so beneficial to me. The program seemed to be totally focused on my specific needs. I was given the tools most needed to help with my recovery.


I really appreciate the accommodations of my counselors and their treatment of my well-being. The program has been an overall great experience and my home group has been a great source of support.

S. L.

I highly appreciate everything the staff does. I just wanted to thank Renita, Darryel, Natasha, Jeff and Luiz for all your hard work and effort you guys put into the program. Because of your efforts I can life again.


Before I came to treatment at Fountain Recovery I had no hope and saw death in my future. After my excellent experience in recovery with my peers and counselors at Fountain, I have a new, fantastic outlook on life that is full of hope and excitement.


I am very grateful to have Rentia, Darrell and Jeff as my counselors. I am able to confide in each and everyone of them and know that they truly want to help. Not only are they professional, they personally make a full hearted effort to help me succeed. Its beautiful the passion they put forth in this program. Thank you.

Erin G.

Thank all of you for your help, I really appreciate you guys.


This is an incredible program The level of care, personal attention, direction, education and application was incredible. I am so grateful for Fountain Recovery and highly recommend it to anyone serious about recovery.

Larry H.

Coming in, I didn’t know I was an alcoholic. The first day of class we went over denial and I remember thinking “Holy shit, that’s me!” Now 6 weeks later I’ve accepted AA isn’t a cult, began a relationship with God, and I have a plan of action.


Fountain Recovery is an amazing place! This place and the treatment they offer saved my life! The counselors are amazing and they genuinely care about every single clients personal recovery and well being. I left this program not only sober and ready to stay sober, but also much healthier and happier!


My experience with Fountain has been life changing. I have learned things here that I never heard of elsewhere. The knowledge is like the missing link I needed towards staying sober. It was a 12 step, spiritual based, very intimate setting with great counselors and an extended family that I will cherish for life. Thank you Fountain.

Mary N.

Fountain Recovery is a place to find the answers. A second chance at life and the gift of knowledge to maintain a sober life.


Renita is a great listener and has a lot of wisdom and knowledge in her field of work. I learned a lot and felt part of a community!