A Supportive Environment for Early Recovery

More Than Just a Drug Free Environment


Our sober living homes are a transitional sober living community helping people help themselves to a better quality of life. Our SLE is 12-step oriented and is designed for individuals who are committed to remaining in recovery and to maintain a drug and alcohol free life. The sober living home residents safely experience the transition from higher levels of care back into the community and day-to-day life with a group of individuals doing the same. Homes are supervised by a house manager who ensures that the sober living environments offer structure and strong peer support. Clients work, attend treatment, or attend school during the day and engage in recovery activities in the evenings.

The Sober Living Program provides elements that are essential for continuing recovery:

  • Drug and Alcohol Free Environment
  • Access to Multi-Level Drug and Alcohol Treatment Services
  • Access to Family Program
  • Continue to Work or Attend School
  • Structure
  • Peer Support and Fellowship
  • House Manager on Site
  • Case Management and Administrative Support (letters to attorney, courts, etc.)

Sober Living Application


Please fill out the form and fax to (925) 292-0286 or email to recover@fountainrecovery.org.