Goodbye Addiction Letters

Read These Heartfelt Letters From Fountain Recovery Clients As They Begin Their Journey Of Recovery.


Goodbye Letter, Andy

Goodbye Letter

To my addiction:

On that day that I made my decision to enter fountain I was not sure if you existed or not.  I walked into this room thinking that I was fine and did not need this help, but once I took a hard look at myself and started to work the program, I began to see that you really were there and thus began the journey of seeing there and thus began the journey of seeing what you had done to my life.

Going way back to the start, even though at this point in my life you had not gotten a grip on me yet, you had shown me what you were capable of through my father and all the glorious things you represented and none of it good.  My young life was hell.  Thanks.

But then one day when I was about 12 my best friends brother got married.  So my best friend and I found out the hard way what drinking to much champagne could do, yes at first I really liked the way you made me feel but I did not stop there I kept on drinking until I con not drink anymore and passed out only to wake up felling like I had been hit by a car.  But I did not care apparently you took a hold of me and lead me on so many trips through my life, and not all were bad not you got to be too big, and you did take over my life without me ever seeing it, you are cunning, baffling and powerful.

You cost me friends, relationships two marriages and so many other things in my life that your image appeared and then I began to understand what you were and what you had done to my life.

So, I ask God to enter my lie, to show me how to say goodbye to you.  The path that has been given to me to follow has given me the ability to put you away.  I know that the only way to keep you away is to trust my higher power and to keep working this program and to keep walking the path that god has provided for me and your not part of this journey the road for you has ended and I hope and pray that you never find away back on my path and I know that if I allow God to remain my engineer on this journey the likelihood of you staying in my life is not going to happen.

So, in closing I hope that you find another way of being and not in my life or anyone else’s life who has found their higher power and trust’s his love as I have.



“Fountain Recovery Has Changed My Life. I Entered The Program With No Hope And Feeling Horrible About Myself. I Have Learned All The Tools Necessary To Live A Fantastic, Sober, Honest Life. I Am Beyond Happy I Made The Decision To Take The First Step And Get Treatment At Fountain.”


“Goodbye Alcohol & Xanax, Weed, Gambling etc.”

“Before we met I had a different life. One that I was able to be happy & free without the though of you in the picture. I had big dreams and high expectations of myself before you came along. I had a lot of friends, played sports, was funny, had good values. I didn’t need you to have a good time. You weren’t needed for confidence. But once I lost a dear friend, I felt alone and held a lot of regret.”

“I first met you around the age of 13. I didn’t think anything more than that you were an experiment. But then you showed me things that were just so amazing to me, that I couldn’t give you up. You brought out a side of me that I never knew. You gave me confidence. You made me popular. You gave me charisma. All these qualities I thought I didn’t have. When I lost my friend (name) you gave me false hope & strength. So I thought…”

“Instead you gave me a hole that I could never fill. Promises I could never keep. I lost trust from family. Lost great friends that I’m slowly getting back. Made me go to jail. So many things. It’s hard to remember what has happened. The last 10 years went by in a flash. I can barely remember the sober good times I had. You really set my life off track.”

“In the end you brought me to the brink of hopelessness. Not knowing what else to do, I called a dear friend and he turned me to the right direction & luckily I was willing to listen. I realized life isn’t so bad. And that I need to take sobriety one day at a time.”

“I’ve found a sponsor who cares about me & started working the steps. Kept myself away from shady people & places.. I need to hold on to these 93 days like my life depends on it.”

“I hope to start a family sometime in the near future with a strong ‘normie.’ Have a career which I love and stay sober. Be a man of God & go to church. That’s all I want.”

To the drugs & alcohol I used to love, Goodbye…You will not be missed.”