Alcohol and drug addiction is not caused by a lack of willpower or a character flaw. It destroys the will. It masks the true character of the addicted person.

A Straightforward, Simple Solution

Get Well And Stay Well

Prevent Relapses

Addiction is a disease process, not a choice. It’s a primary, progressive, chronic, frequently fatal illness characterized by continuous or periodic:

  • loss of control over the amount and frequency of use
  • preoccupation with use/drinking
  • continued use in spite of negative consequences
  • and distortions in thinking, most notably denial of the problem

Does this sound familiar?

Avoiding or ignoring drug or alcohol use problems or attempting to fix them by yourself is risky and dangerous. Like any other significant and life threatening illness, recovery requires treatment and help. Recovery requires accepting and pursuing spiritual, physical and emotional help and support. It requires a decision to get help and to use help.

Again, going it alone is both risky and dangerous.

Get through the tougher early stages of recovery with encouragement and support. Navigate a path to a sober life that includes liberal amounts of peace, happiness, joy and a purpose in living.

We at Fountain Recovery will provide you with an initial evaluation to help determine what obstacles have kept you from achieving recovery in the past and what we can do to assist you to be successful at this juncture in your life.

Remember; this is an opportunity to have the time to evaluate what you want to change. It is an opportunity to explore the past and plan for your future. It will be important to keep an open mind and grow from the challenges you experience while in the program.

Our highly qualified staff is dedicated to guiding you through the early recovery process while treating you with dignity and respect.