Addiction Treatment at Fountain Recovery

Addiction and Alcoholism are not curable, but they can be treated.  Here at Fountain Recovery, we have multiple levels of treatment to address various ranges of needs.  Here are a few of our programs:

Residential Treatment

Our residential program is a structured approach to recovery providing safety and peer support. Clients live at the Fountain residential facility. Attendance at 12 step or other support groups are a daily part of the recovery process at Fountain. Each client is assigned a Primary Counselor with whom he or she works daily in group and individual sessions.

In residential treatment, residents are able to completely focus on their recovery without the distractions of everyday life. Many times it is the outside distractions and negative influences that keep people from allowing themselves the time needed to get well.

Day Treatment/Outpatient

The “partial” or day treatment program is comprised of attending recovery program for 6 hours, Monday through Friday. Though not as all inclusive as the Residential Program, the Day Treatment Program is the next thing to it. This is an intensive, focused program with plenty of safety and structure. There are 2 groups in the morning and 2 groups afternoon.

Family Support

Family Education and process groups are held weekly for clients in the residential and day treatment program.  The goal of Family Group is to help family members to understand the disease of addiction and the recovery process, while providing ongoing support for the family.

Intensive Outpatient (IOP)

Please call us at (925) 292-5583 for information.

Aftercare Groups

Follow-up to treatment includes a free Aftercare Group for clients who have successfully completed treatment.

Sober Living Environment

House members live as a group of individuals, living and working toward a common goal: continued sobriety. Accountability is a common value shared by all who reside here. Willingness and cooperation are the basic requirements shared by all members of the house and sober environment. Each resident is required to attend 12 Step/Recovery meetings and work with a qualified sponsor.


For more information, visit Psychology Today: Fountain Recovery, Psychology Today


Reasons to Choose Fountain Recovery

  • We really care about our clients
  • We are small treatment program, the only of it’s kind in the Tri-valley area.
  • We have small focused groups & smaller client-to-counselor ratio
  • We emphasize the importance of family and family groups
  • We provide administrative assistance; we write letters to courts, employers and speak with attorneys
  • We offer 4 different levels of care. They are Residential Treatment, Day Treatment, Intensive Outpatient
  • We provide follow-up to treatment including a free Aftercare Group for clients who have successfully completed treatment
  • We offer Extended Treatment

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